“I believe there’s laughter in Heaven because Lucille Ball is there.” — Diane Sawyer, American Masters

Happy 103rd birthday, Lucy.

Thank you for your talent. Thank you for your comedy. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your work in both film and television—the work that has granted me—and countless others—much happiness. Thank you for being you.

Thank you for everything, Lucy. Happy birthday.

Lucille Désirée Ball | 6 August 1911 26 April 1989

The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (Lucy Meets the Mustache), 1 April 1960.

The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (The Ricardos Go to Japan), 27 November 1959.

The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana), 6 November 1957.

“You don’t expect those hens to lay a bumper crop of eggs overnight …?”
You know, they could if we help them.
“Lucy, I’ve never laid an egg in my life, and I refuse to start trying now.”

I Love Lucy (Lucy Does the Tango), 11 March 1957.

Hey, Ricky, guess what … who do you think’s coming to your party Saturday? Superman!

I Love Lucy (Lucy and Superman), 14 January 1957.

All I want to do is soak up a little local color.

I Love Lucy (Lucy’s Italian Movie), 16 April 1956.

“I’m sorry, our helicopter’s being used. It’s leaving right now to pick up some crazy dame who missed the S.S. Constitution.”
Get it back—I’m that crazy dame!

I Love Lucy (Bon Voyage), 16 January 1956.

Hollywood at last!

I Love Lucy (L.A. At Last), 7 February 1955.

Open up that Golden Gate,
California, here I come!

I Love Lucy (California, Here We Come!), 10 January 1955.

I love Lucy, and she loves me,
we’re as happy as two can be …
Sometimes we quarrel, but then,
how we love making up again!
Lucy kisses like no one can,
she’s my missus, and I’m her man,
and life is Heaven you see,
'cause I love Lucy,
yes, I love Lucy, and Lucy loves me!

I Love Lucy (Lucy’s Last Birthday), 11 May 1953.

Ricky, this is it.

I Love Lucy (Lucy Goes to the Hospital), 19 January 1953.